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Typical Madrid food and restaurants where to try it

At Homeabout we compile the six most typical dishes of Madrid and we include some of the restaurants in the city where you can try them.

Cocido madrileño

The cocido is a stew whose main ingredient is chickpeas and secondary, various vegetables, meat and pork bacon with some sausage.

Restaurant: La Bola
Address: Calle de la Bola 5


The croqueta is a portion of bechamel and a mincemeat of various ingredients, which has been coated in egg and breadcrumbs, and fried in abundant oil.

Restaurant: Malos bar
Address: Calle de Velarde, 13

Potato Omelette

The potato omelette is an omelette to which chopped potatoes are added. It is one of the most well-known and emblematic dishes of Spanish cuisine.

Restaurant: La Primera
Address: Calle Gran Vía, 1

Squid Sandwich

The squid sandwich is a classic culinary specialty in Madrid consisting of squid coated in flour and fried in oil, wrapped in bread.

Restaurant: La Campana
Address: Calle de Botoneras 6

Patatas bravas

Patatas bravas are potatoes cut into large cubes, fried in olive oil and seasoned with salsa brava, which is a spicy sauce.

Restaurant: Docamar
Address: Calle Alcalá 337


Churro is a pan fruit made from water, flour, oil and salt. They can have cane shapes, in bows or curls. It is usually accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate.

Restaurant: San Ginés
Address: San Ginés 5 (Sol)

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