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Malaga Fair in August

The Malaga Fair is celebrated from August 13 to 20 and is “divided” in two: the Night Fair and the Day Fair, which are held in two different parts of the city. In El Real you will find more than 200 booths to have a drink and dance (Night Fair), in the city center, with Calle Larios as the epicenter, the area is decorated for the Day Fair. From midday you will see a mix of visitors and locals dancing to all kinds of music.

The Malaga Fair starts with the fireworks in the early morning of August 13, although there is also another important moment that is part of the “ritual” of inauguration: the artistic lighting of the Real.

A classic element of the fair are the biznaga vendors, emblematic of the city. Biznagas are floral arrangements of jasmine and nerdo, and you can easily identify the “biznagueros” by their traditional costume (and the smell of jasmine).

If you visit the fair, you may be struck by the pink barrels of Cartojal, as well as its fans or glasses. This is a sweet wine that is usually drunk during this festival and is typical of the area.

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